Sunday, April 26, 2009

Bridgestone Plan New Set Of Intermediate Tyres

Bridgestone the tyre supplier for all the teams in the Formula 1 Season is planning to introduce a new set of intermediate wet weather tyres at the upcoming Monaco Grand Prix. The new softer compound has been designed to counter some of the lost aerodynamic grip in wet conditions.

These tyres will be used for the rest of the season. The tyres are made up of new softer compound and will allow more mechanical grip. But the lower downforce rules for the Formula 2009 Season will still create a challenge in the we weather.

Bridgestone keep on collecting data from every team and they will be updaating their compounds according for the upcoming races in the formula 2009 Season.

Below are the tyre allocations announced by Bridgestone for the formula 1 2009 season:

Australia - super soft, medium
Malaysia - soft, hard
China - super soft, medium
Bahrain - super soft, medium
Spain - soft, hard
Monaco - super soft, soft
Turkey - soft, hard
Britain - soft, hard
Germany - super soft, medium

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