Friday, April 10, 2009

Lewis Hamilton Apologizes Charlie Whiting

Lewis Hamilton sent a apology letter to FIA Race Director Charlie Whiting. He did this because Hamilton was caught lying to the stewards. Whiting has offered insight to the events which took place in the Australian Grand Prix with Vodafone Mclaren Mercedes. Vodafone Mclaren Mercedes will face the World Motor Sport Council later this month in Paris against the charges of bringing the sport into disrepute. Charlie Whiting claimed that he had sensed Lewis Hamilton was lying.

Earlier Lewis Hamilton had publicly apologized to his fans for the incident which took place in the Australian Grand Prix.

Vodafone Mclaren Mercedes face five charges according to the FIA's International Sporting Code. The most likely outcome is a very heavy fine to the team. But there is also a possibility that Vodafone Mclaren Mercedes could be suspended from the races or expelled from the championship.

What a start to the 2009 Formula 1 Season!!!!!

It is a shame that one of the top teams like Vodafone Mclaren Mercedes is inlvolved in such incidents. In 2007 they had issues with Ferrari for stealing the data and now this.

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