Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Felipe Massa is all prepared for tough times!!!!

Felipe Massa was a former driver for the Sauber Team. He had very tough times with Sauber and feels those tough times have helped him go through the tough times with Ferrari. Felipe Massa has not scored any championship points till now in the Formula 2009 Season.
The team's woes were compounded by Wednesday's International Court of Appeal ruling declaring the 'double-decker' diffuser of Brawn GP, Toyota and Williams legal.
After a disastrous race in Malaysia 11 days ago when a number of critical mistakes were made, an inquest was rightly conducted.
But felipe Massa is very confident that Ferrari will bounce back in the coming races.

Lets Hope For The Best!!!!!


poisontech said...

last season is good for him but not lucky..

f1 freak said...

yes u r right. hope this season goes good for him and ferrari.

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