Sunday, April 26, 2009

Jenson Button In Brawn GP Winner Again!!!!!

Jenson Button is the winner for the Bahrain Grand Prix. Well Toyotas were the leaders in the qualifying yesterday but today they dropped down at the start of the race. Hamilton did a great move at the first corner and was in third place. But the Mclaren is not a competitive car yet so he dropped back. Brawn GP's Ross Brawn played a great strategy with Jenson Button and got him ahead of Trulli with the pit strategy and then Jenson Button never looked back. He increased his advatange over Trulli who was strugglin with the option tyres (Hard Compound Tyres) and was not able to match the pace.

Vettel on the other hand came second with a sensible pit strategy. Glock completely lost it and was at the end of championship points. Barrichello had interesting 3 pit-stop strategy which was not looking that good but in then end it put him ahead of Raikkonen and in the 5th place. Way to go Ross Brawn.

Overall a very interesting and very very hot race. And luckily there was no sandstorm and none of the teams had reliability issues. Felipe Massa's badluck still continues and he was outside the points.

But Kimi Raikkonen finally gave Ferrari their first championship points this season. This will definitely be a moral booster for the World Champion Team!!!!

The top five for the Baharain Grand Prix are Jenson Button, Sebastien Vettel, Jarno Trulli, Lewis Hamilton and Rubens Barrichello respectively.

The complete race results will be updated soon.

Bravo!!!!! Brawn GP!!!!!

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