Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Mclaren Try To Please FIA

McLaren boss Martin Whitmarsh is trying to please FIA by adopting a pro-active philosophy. McLaren were seen to be making all the right moves and noises in Bahrain over the weekend. They have a meeting with World Motor Sport Council in Paris this Wednesday over the lie-gate scandal in Australia. Richard Lapthorne will officially take up the role of McLaren Group chairman from Ron Dennis from 1st June.

Whitmarsh, who has already thrown himself on the mercy of the World Council by writing a letter of unreserved apology for his team's deceit.

Timothy Murnane, Mclaren's company lawyer, will accompany Whitmarsh although he is only acting in an observational capacity.

McLaren are still in breach of article 151c of the International Sporting Code, relating to fraudulent conduct or act prejudicial to the sport.

Well I really dont know if luck will favor the Mclaren Mercedes Team. And there is also a possibility that the team will be disqualified from the Formula 1 2009 Season. Lets hope for the best of the team because it would be very shameful is a top team in the Formula 1 getsinto trouble with the FIA.

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