Friday, April 17, 2009

Interesting Formula 1 2009 Season

The Australian GP confirmed the belief that the new technical regulations will work like a charm. Bernie Ecclestone and his wild theories about the sport are not always right. the double-decker diffuser made Jenson Button's BGP001 appear turbocharged. On the other hand it kept Ferrari, Red Bull, Renault and BMW worried. Lewis Hamilton and McLaren kept the powers busy by all the controversies. Two FIA hearings in the month of April were earmarked to decide the fate of the season. The first one, duly completed earlier on 14th, ruled the rear of the Brawns, Toyotas and Williams legal. Renault are constructing their own double diffuser system.

Second FIA hearing on April 29, McLaren will have to wait a bit longer to see where their season is headed. Some penalty will be given to the team.

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