Saturday, May 9, 2009

2010 FIA Rules

A lot of mixing and matching approach has been used by the FIA to come up with the 2010 formula one rules. One of the most biting issues, the budget caps has been confirmed by the FIA but with a twist.

Refuelling is again banned in formula one, last time it was so in the 1993 season after which to break the supremacy of the Williams F1 team, refuelling was introduced.

In the 2010 formula one season, teams shall be allowed to refuel their cars after the third qualifying. Also Tyre Warmers will be banned.

The FIA has increased the list of cars on the grid to 26, which translates to 13 teams. Probably Prodrive and USGP will launch their respective teams in the 2010 season. Bernie Ecclestone had told BBC Radio that he has a lot of people confirmed for next season.

The minimum weight for formula one cars will now be 620 kg from the 2010 Formula One season.

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