Sunday, May 10, 2009

Spanish Grand Prix Results : Winner Jenson Button

The Spanish Grand Prix was the first race European Race of the Formula 1 2009 Season. And what an end to the race.

The race Winner is Jenson Button. Second place goes to Mark Webber and 3rd place to Rubens Barrichello!!!!!!!!!!!

Fourth is Sebastien Vettel with Fernanando Alonso on 5th.

The race started with a great accident at turn 2. The accident started with Trulli spinning out of the track and coming inside the track again and Adrian Sutil banged into him. The 2 Torro Rossos also banged into them and all the four of them went out of the race at turn two.

This brought the safety car out and the drivers had to do some laps behind the safety lap because the marshals had to clear the debris on the track

Rubens Barrichello was leading the race from Jenson Button and Mssa was on 3rd position. But it all changed after the first pitstop.

Bad days for Mclaren Mercedes continued with Lew Hamilton falling at the back of the pack at turn 2 mishap and Heikki had a gear box issue and slowed down at the long straight and finally retired into the pits.

Kimi Raikkonen was running a good race but he had problems with his KERS at the start of the race or maybe during qualifying. But he too retired due hydraulics problem.

So it was on Massa to finish into points and he was looking strong.

Rubens Barrichello was on a 3 stop strategy and it was a strange one, because all the drivers were on a 2 stop strategy. But Rubens did some great laps and that brought him ahead of Felipe Massa into 3rd place.

Mark Webber who was driving his own race all this while took the second place after the last round of pitstops. A very clever move by the Red Bull team.

Sebastien Vettel had a hard day because he was chasing the Ferrari of Felipe Massa for the whole race distance and he was down on 5th place.

But it all changed at the final 4 laps of the race. The Ferrari engineers told Massa to conserve fuel because they had less fuel in his car and were not sure if Massa could end the race.

Felipe Massa was driving a very conservative race and this Vettel and advantage to push Massa.

And finally Ferrai told Massa to let Vettel pass him because they thought Alonso was 16 seconds behind Massa and Ferrari can finish in 5th place.

But Fernando Alonso knew the problems of Ferrari and he kpt on pushing and took nearly 4.6 seconds every lap and brought the gap down to Felipe Massa. He came very clsoe to Massa and overtook him from the outside on the fnal lap of the race. Felipe Massa could not do anything about it.

The Spanish Fans were very excited seeing this move and were cheering Alosno as if he has won the race.

So an amazing race and a great start to the European Season of the Formula One 2009 Season.

Full Race Results of the Spanish Grand Prix will follow soon..........

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