Thursday, May 7, 2009

Drivers Not Happy with Mosley's Remarks

Nick Heidfeld has reminded the FIA of their obligation to the fans following president Max Mosley's shock attack on Ferrari.

BMW Sauber's Heidfeld was the most pointed, referencing the fact the FIA had only recently conducted a worldwide survey of a broad cross-section of the public as to how F1 could be more attractive.

It was a bit strange hearing that.
I thought people were looking and listening to the fans worldwide, and Ferrari is obviously the biggest name in F1 with many fans.

World champion Lewis Hamilton admitted he "couldn't imagine it", whilst two-time champion Fernando Alonso added: "No, impossible."

Italian Giancarlo Fisichella, currently with Force India, pointed out that "Without Ferrari, I don't think it would be Formula One any more".

As for one of Ferrari's current stars, Felipe Massa, he admits to being thoroughly dismayed by the politics that surround the sport.

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