Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Is Brawn favoring Button!!!!!!!

Much has been said since yesterday about Brawn GP changing Button to a 2-stop strategy, which eventually won him the race, and left his team mate, who had been leading for most of the first half of the race, in second.

Barrichello was visibly disappointed, when he was pipped to pole by not only Vettel, but his team mate Button, who he had been quicker than all weekend.

It was at the point when the strategy calls in Brawn GP became pivotal; Button was switched from the planned 3-stop strategy to a 2-stop, in fear that he would have been stuck behind Rosberg, who was fuelled long. Something which was proved, when Barrichello, came out on track less than a second ahead of the Williams.

So why didn’t Brawn GP switch Barrichello to a 2-stop?

Ross Brawn after the race stated a 3-stop strategy was a quicker option, and Barrichello’s times in the first half of the race go to prove that, however what ever happened to Barrichello in the second half of the race was his downfall, and whether it was just a case of Barrichello not pushing hard enough, or him having as issue with his car, it seems clear that the 3-stopper was a quicker strategy. Essentially they put Button on the slightly compromised strategy to make sure he was held up, potentially costing the team a 1-2

Ross also stated that the strategy used was essentially going to let Barrichello win, it just didn’t happen that way on track.

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